Table 4—

Urinary oestrogen metabolite values in affectedBMPR2 mutation carriers (AMCs) versus unaffected BMPR2 mutation carriers (UMCs)

Urine metabolitesAMC#UMCp-value+
Sum of 2-OHE and 16α-OHE117.01±22.610.57±1.80.361
2-OHE/16α-OHE1 ratio0.65±0.31.48±0.20.006
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. 2-OHE: 2-hydroxyoestrogen; 16α-OHE1: 16α-hydroxyoestrone. Metabolite levels were measured in ng per mg creatinine per mL. #: n = 5; : n = 6; +: Mann–Whitney U-test.