Table 2—

Reproducibility of exercise test variables

Visit 1#Visit 2Within-subject CV %ICC (95% CI)
Exercise endurance time min7.88±4.788.44±5.07*23.70.84 (0.81–0.87)
Dyspnoea/time slope Borg/min0.98±0.640.94±0.6032.40.75 (0.71–0.79)
Dyspnoea/VO2 slope Borg/(L·min−1)6.85±4.176.96±4.1632.30.71 (0.67–0.75)
Dyspnoea/VE slope Borg/(L·min−1)0.22±0.130.23±0.1532.70.73 (0.68–0.77)
Pre-exercise rest
 IC L2.23±0.642.23±0.639.50.89 (0.87–0.91)
Isotime exercise
VO2 L·min−11.15±0.411.14±0.428.20.95 (0.94–0.96)
VE L·min−139.7±13.039.5± (0.94–0.96)
fR breaths·min−129.1±6.529.1± (0.86–0.90)
VT L1.39±0.451.39±0.468.10.94 (0.93–0.95)
 IC L1.84±0.591.85±0.5810.80.88 (0.86–0.90)
 IRV L0.45±0.340.45±0.3145.50.60 (0.54–0.66)
 Dyspnoea Borg5.3±2.35.1±2.3*19.90.79 (0.76–0.82)
Peak exercise
VO2 L·min−11.19±0.411.19±0.429.00.93 (0.92–0.94)
VE L·min−141.9±13.342.1± (0.90–0.89)
fR breaths·min−131.1±6.531.3± (0.79–0.85)
VT L1.37±0.431.37±0.439.40.91 (0.89–0.93)
 IC L1.81±0.581.81±0.5911.60.87 (0.85–0.89)
 IRV L0.44±0.320.44±0.3447.30.61 (0.55–0.67)
 Dyspnoea Borg6.8±2.36.8±2.314.70.81 (0.77–0.84)
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. CV: coefficient of variation; ICC: intraclass correlation; CI: confidence interval; VO2: oxygen consumption; VE: minute ventilation; IC: inspiratory capacity; fR: respiratory frequency; VT: tidal volume; IRV: inspiratory reserve volume. #: run-in visit, 10 days before randomisation; : run-in visit, 5 days before randomisation. *: p<0.05 for difference between visits.