Table 1—

Subject characteristics

Subjects n463
 Germany154 (33)
 Canada145 (31)
 USA102 (22)
 Australia38 (8)
 France24 (5)
 Male339 (73)
 Female124 (27)
Smoking status
 Ex-smoker278 (60)
 Current smoker185 (40)
Cigarette exposure pack-yrs53±28
Age yrs62±7
Body mass index kg·m−226.4±5.0
FEV1 L1.23±0.44
FEV1 % pred42±13
FEV1/FVC %45±11
FRC % pred164±33
DL,CO % pred56±19
Peak incremental work rate Watts78±31
Peak incremental work rate % pred50±18
Peak incremental VO2 L·min−11.20±0.43
Peak incremental VO2 % pred60±19
  • Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; % pred: % predicted; FVC: forced vital capacity; FRC: functional residual capacity; DL,CO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; VO2: oxygen consumption. Predicted normal values for FEV1, FRC, DL,CO and peak exercise parameters (work rate and VO2) were as previously described 2932.