Table 18—

Recommendations for general measures

It is recommended to avoid pregnancy in patients with PAHIC
Immunisation of PAH patients against influenza and pneumococcal infection is recommendedIC
Physically deconditioned PAH patients should be considered for supervised exercise rehabilitationIIaB
Psychosocial support should be considered in patients with PAHIIaC
In-flight O2 administration should be considered for patients in WHO-FC III and IV and those with arterial blood O2 pressure consistently <8 kPa (60 mmHg)IIaC
Epidural anaesthesia instead of general anaesthesia should be utilised, if possible, for elective surgeryIIaC
Excessive physical activity that leads to distressing symptoms is not recommended in patients with PAHIIIC
  • PAH: pulmonary arterial hypertension; WHO-FC: World Health Organization functional class. #: class of recommendation; : level of evidence.