Table 10—

Route of administration, half-life, dose ranges, increments and duration of administration of the most commonly used agents for pulmonary vasoreactivity tests

DrugRouteHalf-lifeDose range#IncrementsDuration+
EpoprostenolIntravenous3 min2–12 ng·kg−1·min−12 ng·kg−1·min−110 min
AdenosineIntravenous5–10 s50–350 μg·kg−1·min−150 μg·kg−1·min−12 min
Nitric oxideInhaled15–30 s10–20 p.p.m.5 min§
  • #: initial dose and maximal tolerated dose suggested (maximal dose limited by side-effects such as hypotension, headache, flushing, etc.); : increments of dose by each step; +: duration of administration on each step; §: for NO, a single step within the dose range is suggested.