Table 6—

Crude and adjusted adjusted odds ratios(ORs) for asbestosis on high-resolution computed tomography in multivariate analyses using unconditional logistic regressions#

OR95% CIp-valueOR95% CIp-value
Model I+
  1st quartile11
  2nd quartile2.061.46–2.912.041.44–2.88
  3rd quartile1.941.37–2.751.931.36–2.74
  4th quartile2.251.60–3.15<0.0001<0.0001ƒ2.171.54–3.05<0.0001<0.0001ƒ
Model II§
 Intensity of exposure
  • CI: confidence interval; CEI: cumulative exposure index. #: n = 5,545; : adjusted for smoking status; +: time since first exposure (TSFE) and CEI were used, but TSFE was not significant in the models and was removed; §: TSFE, intensity and duration of exposure were used, but neither TSFE nor duration of exposure were significant in the models and were removed; ƒ: trend test.