Table 1—

Questions used to ascertain the probable medical condition responsible for a patient's chronic cough

1Cough with eating (during or straight after meals)Reflux
2Cough with certain foodsReflux
3Cough when you get out of bed in the morningReflux
4Cough brought on by singing or speaking (for example, on the telephone)Reflux
5Hoarseness or a problem with your voiceReflux
6Clearing your throatReflux
7Cough after lying downReflux
8Heartburn, chest pain, indigestion or stomach acid coming upReflux
9Wheezing or chest tightness in generalAsthma
10Cough waking you from sleepAsthma
11Shortness of breath when not coughingAsthma
12Blocked or stuffy noseRhinitis
13Excess mucus in the throat, or dripping down the back of the noseRhinitis
14Itchy nose and/or sneezingRhinitis
15Loss of the sense of smellRhinitis
16A feeling that mucus is running down the back of your throatRhinitis
  • The severity of the above key diagnostic symptoms was rated on a Likert scale (0–5). The questions were asked in a random order and not as listed.