Table 4—

Haemodynamic variables at the time of the diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension, immediately before initiation of intravenous iloprost treatment, at the end of the initial up-titration period, and during follow-up (n = 37)

BaselineBefore start of i.v. iloprostAfter dose up-titrationFollow-up
When variables measuredFirst right-heart catheter at diagnosis of PAHImmediately before the introduction of i.v. iloprost#Initial haemodynamic response to iloprostMedian 6 (range 2–15) months) on i.v. iloprost therapy
Iloprost dose ng·kg−1min−1001.8±0.82.6±1.2
Pra mmHg10±613±610±511±5
pa mmHg59±1363±1560±1558±14
Ppcw mmHg7±48±48±47±4
CO L·min−13.2±1.22.7±0.73.3±0.8*2.9±1.1
Cardiac interval L·min−1·m−21.8±0.61.5±0.31.9±0.5*1.6±0.5
PVR dyn·s·cm−51,563±6021,965±8711,474±606*1,594±651*
Sv,O2 %53±1146±1057±10*53±10*
  • Data are presented as mean±sd. Pra: right atrial pressure; pa: mean pulmonary arterial pressure; Ppcw: pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; CO: cardiac output; PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance; Sv,O2: mixed venous oxygen saturation. #: the median interval between the first and the second right heart catheterisation was 12 months. *: p<0.05 versus immediately before the introduction of i.v. iloprost.