Table 2—

Risk of an adverse outcome(death or lung transplantation) in relation to risk marker measurements at the time of the diagnosis

Simple modelMultiple model
HR (95% CI)p-valueHR (95% CI)p-value
ra per 1 mmHg increase1.04 (0.99–1.1)0.075
Cardiac index per 0.5 L·min−1·m2 decrease1.05 (0.99–1.1)0.043
PVR per 100 dyn·s·cm−5 increase1.04 (1.0–1.08)0.024
Sv,O2 per 5% decrease1.14 (1.02–1.29)0.0261.03 (1.03–1.53)0.028
pa per 5 mmHg increase1.02 (0.998–1.19)0.056
6MWD per 20 m decrease1.12 (1.05–1.24)0.0011.12 (1.05–1.21)0.001
NYHA class1.20 (0.61–2.12)0.589
  • Estimated hazard ratios (HR), 95% confidence intervals (CI), and p-values were calculated by simple and stepwise forward Cox regression analyses. HRs refer to the indicated scales in these variables. ra: mean right atrial pressure; PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance; Sv,O2: mixed venous oxygen saturation; pa: mean pulmonary artery pressure; 6MWD: 6-min walk distance; NYHA: New York Heart Association.