Table 1—

Characteristics of systemic sclerosis patients

LcSSc8 (100)
Disease duration# yr10±4
Antibody profile
 Anti-nuclear antibody8 (100)
 Anti-centromere6 (75)
 Anti-ribonucleoprotein1 (12.5)
Anti-phospholipid auto-antibodies0
Pericardial effusion3
CT abnormalities associated with PVOD7
Septal lines3
Ground glass6
  • Data are presented as n, n (%) or mean±se. LcSSc: limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis; CT: computed tomography; PVOD: pulmonary veno-occlusive disease. #: since first non-Raynaud symptom, at time of diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension.