Table 5—

Results from the adjusted logistic regression model, describing the relationship between nitrogen dioxide and the risk of onset and incident asthma among males and females and subjects with and without hay fever and wheeze

StrataOnset asthmaIncident asthma
OR#95% CIp-value for interactionOR#95% CIp-value for interaction
Hay fever1.310.85–2.040.581.150.59–2.240.30
No hay fever1.551.03–2.351.791.04–3.05
No wheeze1.340.90––2.12
  • OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval. #: per 10 μg·m−3 from the fully adjusted model including city, sex, body mass index, age, smoking history and water damage or mould in the home at any time during the last 8 yrs.