Table 4—

Associations between exposures to nitrogen dioxide(NO2), distance to nearest major road and the onset and incidence of asthma

Onset asthmaIncident asthma
OR95% CIOR95% CI
 NO2 per 10 μg·m−31.391.05–1.841.360.92–2.02
 Distance to nearest major road <50 m2.811.66–4.763.551.78–7.01
Fully adjusted+
 NO2 per 10 μg·m−31.461.07–1.991.541.00–2.36
 Distance to nearest major road <50 m2.921.70–4.983.881.93–7.82
  • OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval. #: includes the same population as in the fully adjusted model; : yes versus no, major road is defined as ≥8,000 vehicles per 24 h; +: including city, sex, body mass index, age, smoking history, water damage or mould in the home at any time during the last 8 yrs.