Table 2—

Diagnostic performance of change in exhaled NO fraction for the identification of loss of control in two consecutive visits

Optimal cut-off pointSensitivity(95% CI)Specificity(95% CI)PPVNPVAUC(95% CI)p-value
Asthma without rhinitis#>30%0.83 (0.64–0.94)0.87 (0.68–0.97)0.890.810.893 (0.777–0.961)<0.0001
Asthma with rhinitis>40%0.72 (0.53–0.86)0.92 (0.74–0.98)0.920.710.786 (0.657–0.884)<0.0001
  • The optimal cut-off points represent values with the best combination of sensitivity and specificity. PPV: positive predictive value; NPV: negative predictive value; AUC: area under the receiver operating characteristic curve. #: n = 52; : n = 58.