Table 1—

Characteristics of hospital at home

The hospital-at-home team is composed of doctors and nurses that are dedicated exclusively (or almost exclusively) to this activity
Identification of a specific group of suitable candidates
Defined geographical area
Hospital at home is feasible only if a competent caregiver assumes the responsibility of care
Hospital at home starts only when patients fulfill clinical criteria, live in a geographical area and both patient and caregiver accept home care
Hospital-at-home team can visit the patient daily
Hospital-at-home team can visit the patient on the day of discharge after hospital admission or a visit to the emergency department
Hospital-at-home team care for patients for a short period of time (generally not >10–15 days)
There is a report at the end of care (or a joint visit with a general practitioner or community nurses)
Hospital-at-home outcomes should be analogous to conventional admission care
  • Data from 31.