Table 1—

Pulmonary function parameters for patient I2 and her daughter II4

FEV1 L1.77 (95.7)2.59 (103)
FVC L2.3 (102.6)3.12 (106.5)
FEV1 % VCmax76.882.9
RV L1.91 (97.1)1.97 (131.6)
TLC L4.14 (90.5)4.87 (108.1)
TL,CO mmol·min−1·kPa−14.23 (63.4)7.31 (91.8)
KCO mmol·min−1·kPa−1·L−11.34 (91.9)1.81 (102.6)
  • Percentage of predicted normal values are given in parentheses. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; VC: vital capacity; RV: residual volume; TLC: total lung capacity; TL,CO: transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide; KCO: transfer coefficient.