Table 2—

Logistic regression analyses with fast/slow tertile of decline in forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1) as the dependent variable#

Stepwise logistic regressionAdjusted logistic regression
OR (95% CI)p-value+OR (95% CI)p-value+
SF-36 physical score1.102 (1.030–1.180)0.0051.080 (1.004–1.161)0.039
Exacerbation rate2.760 (1.245–6.119)0.0122.725 (1.184–6.271)0.018
BDR§4.316 (1.300–14.334)0.0173.997 (1.083–14.748)0.038
BMI kg·m−20.818 (0.680–0.984)0.0330.775 (0.620–0.968)0.025
Female sex0.445 (0.108–1.839)0.264
Age yrs1.005 (0.925–1.091)0.913
Smoking pack-yrs1.002 (0.958–1.047)0.935
FEV1 % pred1.016 (0.990–1.044)0.232
  • Odds ratios (ORs) relate to the odds of being in the fast tertile. CI: confidence interval; SF-36: 36-item short-form health survey; BDR: bronchodilator reversibility; BMI: body mass index; % pred: % predicted. #: all of the variables listed in table 1 were available for inclusion in the stepwise model, and the variables listed were forced into the adjusted model; : for sex, age, smoking and FEV1; +: significant values are shown in bold type; §: American Thoracic Society criteria.