Table 3—

Time to first pneumonia

PlaceboSAL 50 μgFP 500 μgSFC 50 μg/500 μgICS overall
Patients n1544154215521546
Patients with pneumonia n139162224248
Probability# of pneumonia by 3 yrs %12.313.318.319.6
Hazard ratio1.091.531.641.52+
95% CI0.87–1.371.24–1.891.33–2.021.32–1.76+
  • SAL: salmeterol; FP: fluticasone propionate; SFC: SAL plus FP combination; ICS: inhaled corticosteroid (FP and SFC). #: Kaplan–Meier estimate of probability; : versus placebo unless otherwise stated; +: versus non-ICS (placebo and SAL).