Table 2—

Differences between measured and calculated values for arterial blood, compared with laboratory performance guidelines

Arterial - calculated arterial valuesLaboratory acceptable performance criteria#
Subjects n38
PCO2 kPa-0.09±0.55±0.67+
PO2 kPa
Sp,O2 ≤96%0.11±1.05±0.6§
Sp,O2 ≤98%-0.13±1.79±0.6§
  • Data are presented as bias±2sd, unless otherwise stated. PCO2: carbon dioxide tension; PO2: oxygen tension; Sp,O2: peripheral oxygen saturation. #: acceptable range, assuming that these guidelines are comparable to a 95% confidence interval given by 2sd; : n = 34; +: original value given as ±5 mmHg; §: original value given as ±3sd of measurement equipment error, where 1sd is assumed to be 0.2 kPa according to Radiometer AS (Brønshoj, Denmark) 10.