Table 5—

Typing results and clinical data of the seven cases with heteroresistant tuberculosis

SampleInfection with single or two strainsGenotype(s)Clinical data
1177Single strainBeijingRelapse
1567Single strainBeijingRelapse
4072Two strainsBeijing/BeijingRelapse
1575Two strainsH4/unknownTreatment failure
4071Two strainsUnknown/unknown#New case
1171Two strainsUnknown/unknownNew case
1571Two strainsUnknown/unknownNew case
  • Data from mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit-variable-number tandem repeat typing, spoligotyping and fingerprinting were summarised and compared with clinical data. #: case 4071 had a spoligo-pattern that was potentially consistent with a mixture of a Beijing genotype plus a non-Beijing strain.