Table 2ā€”

Phenotypic and genotypic susceptibility testing

INHs, RMPs12 (34)14 (40)13 (37)
INHr, RMPr13 (37)12 (34)9 (26)
INHr, RMPs10 (28)7 (20)7 (20)
INHs, RMPr0 (0)2 (6)2 (6)
Not interpretable0 (0)0 (0)4 (11)
  • The total number of samples was nā€Š=ā€Š35. Data are presented at n (%). DST: drug susceptibility testing; MGIT: Mycobacterial Growth Indicator Tube; INHs: susceptible to isoniazid (INH); RMPs: susceptible to rifampin (RMP); INHr: resistant to INH; RMPr: resistant to RMP. #: Using Genotype MTBDR (Hain Lifescience, Nehren, Germany), the following mutations were identified: 19 cases with mutations in katG, of whom 18 had mutation S315T and one a missing katG wild-type band; 14 cases with mutations in rpoB, eight of them with S531L, two with D516V, and one with H526Y and three with missing rpoB wild-type bands.