Table 1—

Patient descriptions: clinical data and treatment history

Clinical dataPatients n (%)Treatment history#
Before sputum collectionAfter sputum collection
New cases21 (60)No treatment2–3 months: INH/RMP/PZA/EMB 4 months: INH/RMP
Treatment failure8 (23)Treatment like “new cases”After diagnosis of “treatment failure”: 2 months: INH/RMP/PZA/EMB/SM 1–2 months: INH/RMP/PZA/EMB 5 months: INH/RMP/EMB
Relapse6 (17)Treatment like “new cases”After diagnosis of “relapse”: treatment like cases with “treatment failure”
  • The total number of patients was n = 35. INH: isoniazid; RMP: rifampin; PZA: pyrazinamide; EMB: ethambutol; SM: streptomycin. #: treatment according to the directly observed treatment strategy protocol.