Table 1—

Clinical and epidemiological features of cases enrolled in the studies reviewed

First author [Ref.]Total MDR cohortMDR-TB nXDR-TB nRepresentative sample#
Subjects nLocationYear
Gandhi 9221Msinga sub-district of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa2005–200616853No
Migliori 10137Italy, Germany2003–200612611Yes: Italy 69%, Germany 12.6%
Migliori 11425Estonia, Italy, Germany, Russia1999–200636164Yes: Estonia 100%, Italy 69%, Germany 12.6%, Russia (Archangelsk) 100%
Kim 12211Seoul University Hospital, Korea1996–200516843No
Mitnick 16651Lima, Peru1999–200260348Yes
Chan 17174Denver, USA1984–199816410No
Keshavjee 19608Tomsk Oblast prisons, Russia2000–200457929Yes
Eker 18184Germany2004–20061777Yes: 65%
Kwon 20155Seoul, Korea1995–200412827No
Lai 21160Taiwan2000–200615010No
Banerjee 22424California, USA1993–200640618Yes: 100%
Bonilla 231989Peru1997–20071870119Yes
Kim 241407South Korea2000–2002133275Yes
  • MDR: multidrug-resistant; TB: tuberculosis; XDR: extensively drug-resistant. #: MDR coverage >65%; : the sample was considered representative according to the information available in the article.