Table 3—

Matrix metalloproteinase(MMP) levels in patients whose lung function rapidly declined over 1 yr compared with those in whom there was no significant decline

Rapid lung function declineNon-rapid lung function declinep-value
Subjects n812
MMP-1 pg·mL−122 (13–86)13 (13–18)0.56
MMP-2 pg·mL−174 (74–1092)297 (74–1323)0.75
MMP-3 pg·mL−159.6 (23.4–92)20.5 (4.3–27.8)0.058
MMP-7 pg·mL−111095 (3505–32552)4822 (260–17312)0.29
MMP-8 pg·mL−126427 (11190–38160)2533 (570–11431)0.028
MMP-9 pg·mL−194747 (31730–181371)9907 (1491–26947)0.015
  • Data are presented as median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. Rapid lung decline was defined as a consistent reduction (>10%) in forced vital capacity, total lung capacity or transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide 1 yr after presentation.