Table 3—

Main characteristics of five relapses

PatientAge yrsSexComorbid conditionsTreatment monthsTime to relapse monthsDiagnosis of relapse
Positive sputum cultures nSmearChest radiograph
173FCOPDRHE 12,S 1263NegativeNo changes
243MCOPDRHE 12,S 2422NegativeNew noncavitated infiltrate
350MCOPDAlcohol abuseRH 13,E 12,S 3443Positive +Enlargement of a previous cavitated lesion
455MChronic pancreatitisAlcohol abuseRHE 12,S 0.5482Positive ++New noncavitated infiltrate
554MDiabetes mellitusRH 13,E 12,S 2113NegativeEnlargement of a previous cavitated lesion
  • F: female; M: male; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; R: rifampin; H: isoniazid; E: ethambutol; S: streptomycin.