Table 3—

Association between number of risk factors for tuberculosis infection and QuantiFERON®-TB Gold in-tube (QFT-GIT) and tuberculin skin test (TST) positivity

Number of risk factors#QFT-GIT positiveTST positivep-value
OR (95% CI)p-valueOR (95% CI)p-value
13.30 (1.48–7.39)0.0042.57 (1.35–4.90)0.0040.730
≥25.71 (2.13–15.31)0.0015.35 (2.34–12.20)<0.001
  • OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval. #: aged ≥50 yrs, chest radiograph suggestive of a past tuberculosis (TB), close contact with patients with sputum-positive TB, birth/residence in a country with high incidence of TB; : for the conjoint hypothesis of no difference in the estimates of the two models. QFT-GIT from Cellestis Limited, Carnegie, Australia.