Table 1—

Baseline characteristics, follow-up and relapses of 75 patients with Mycobacterium kansasii lung disease

Age yrs49.5±13.3
Sex male71 (94.7)
Comorbid conditions
 Smoking65 (86.7)
 COPD#33 (44.0)
 Previous tuberculosis17 (23.6)§
 Diabetes mellitus8 (10.7)
 Malignancy7 (9.3)
 Alcohol abuse24 (32.0)
 None24 (32.4)ƒ
Cavitation on chest radiograph54 (72.0)
Positive smear49 (66.2)ƒ
Duration of treatment months
Good treatment compliance69 (92.0)
Duration of follow-up after treatment months50.1±36.1
 Cumulative incidence rate5 (6.6)
 Incidence rate per 100 patient-yrs2.19 (0.71–5.12)
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, n (%) or rate (95% confidence interval). COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. #: includes COPD and other chronic pulmonary diseases such as pneumoconiosis and bronchiectasis; : for sputum or bronchial washing; +: calculated for patients who had at least one visit after stopping treatment, and accounting for no more than 5 yrs of follow-up; §: data for 72 patients; ƒ: data for 74 patients.