Respicard questions

Sp,O2>92% with room air and O291% with air and 90–92% with O2<90% with room air<90% with O2<80% with O2
Heart rate beats·min−1<9090–100100–110110–120>120
DyspnoeaUnder strong activitySpeed walk or climbModerate activity with stopsLight activity, stop after few stepsAt rest during daily activities
CoughSpontaneous and strongWeak, not productiveStrong but extremely productiveWeak, productive, frequentNo spontaneous cough; need for suctions
SputumNo need for sputumModerateCopiousVery copiousUnbearable
Sputum colourNo sputumWhiteYellowYellow/greenGreen/brown or with blood
WheezeNeverOccasionalUnder strong effortsUnder moderate effortsAt rest
Weight/ankle oedemaStable weight, no ankle oedemaIncrease of <2 kg in 2 days2–4 kg in 2 days2–4 in 1 day>4 kg in 1 day
TemperatureNormal>37°C and <37.5°C without antipiretic>37°C and <38°C with antipiretic>38°C with antipiretic and antibiotic for 1 day>38°C with antibiotic for 3 days
Neurological statusNormal, wakefulSlow but answeringConfused, diurnal drowsinessDifficult posture and verbal answerNo answer to manual stimulus
Ventilator interactionNo troubles or no ventilatorOccasional alarms on ventilatorAlarms and need for suction, or mask discomfortAlarms, occasional contrasts and dyspnoea under ventilatorVentilator break; alarms and fighting against ventilator
WalkAutonomousWalk with stops, no dyspnoeaWalk with stick and dyspnoeaAssisted walk, few steps, armchair useNo deambulation, bedridden
Total sum
  • Score Legend: normality (green zone; score 0–5); moderately pathological condition (yellow zone; score 6–12: caution; score 13–36: alarm zone); extremely severe condition (red zone; score 36–48). Sp,O2: arterial oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry.