Table 1—

Baseline clinical and functional data

PAHValvular heart disease
Case 1Case 2Case 3Case 4Case 5Case 6
Age at diagnosis yrs505451575562
BMI kg·m−224.23241.4494134
Duration of benfluorex exposure months54363120∼12060
Cumulative dosage g2463284010951642821
Time between start of benfluorex use and symptoms yrs41<1SeveralSeveral5
Time between start of benfluorex use and diagnosis yrs4.531010115
Search for known drug related causesNegativeNegativeNegativeNegativePositive (dexfenfluramine <3 months several years ago)Positive (dexfenfluramine <3 months several years ago)
  • PAH: pulmonary arterial hypertension; BMI: body mass index; NYHA: New York Heart Association; F: female.