Table 4—

Characteristics of laboratory tuberculosis(TB) and HIV data from Tuberculosis (TB) surveillance systems in 19 low-incidence developed countries

CountryDST required for each caseRFLP required for each caseHIV data collected nationallyHIV data automatically integrated with national TB systemTB system indicates HIV infectionSource of HIV data
AustraliaYesNoYesNoYesTB cases tested for HIV
BelgiumYesNoYesNoYesTB cases tested for HIV
CanadaYes#NoYesNoYesTB cases tested for HIV
Czech RepublicYesNoYesNoNo
DenmarkYesYesYesYes (AIDS only)YesDatabases cross-matched
FinlandYesNoYesYesYesDatabases cross-matched
IrelandYesNoYesNoYesTB cases tested for HIV
IsraelYesNoYesNoYesDatabases cross-matched
ItalyNoNoYesNoYesDatabases cross-matched
The NetherlandsYesNoYesNoYesSelected TB cases tested for HIV
New ZealandYesNoYesNoYesDatabases cross-matched
NorwayYesYesYesNoNoLimited data
UKYesNoYesNoYesDatabases cross-matched
USAYesNoYesNoYesDatabases cross-matched
  • DST: Drug susceptibility testing; RFLP: restriction fragment length polymorphism. #: although not legally required, in practice, DST is performed for all new isolates upon the physician’s request; : with the exception of Scotland.