Table 1—

Basic structure of tuberculosis(TB) surveillance systems in 19 low-incidence developed countries

CountryCase definitionLevel of reportingData transfer#Case identifiersLTBI notificationTB suspect reportingCapture by national system
Process indicatorsSocial determinants+
AustriaEuroTBNationalElectronic and postName, addressNRYes, to local levelNoYes
AustraliaLab findings and/ or Clin DetsProvincialElectronicCodeNRYes, to local levelNoYes
BelgiumEuroTBNationalElectronic and postInitials, code, postcodeNRYesNoYes
CanadaLab findings and/ or Clin DetsProvincialElectronic and postCodeNRYes, to local levelNoYes
Czech RepublicEuroTBNationalElectronicName, ID No., addressNRNoYesYes
DenmarkEuroTBNationalPostName, ID No., addressNRYesYesYes
FinlandEuroTBNationalElectronic and postName, ID No., addressNRNoNoOnly birth country and immigration status
GermanyEuroTBNationalElectronicCodeNRYes, to local levelYesOnly birth country and citizenship
IsraelEuroTBNationalElectronic and postName, ID No., addressNRYesYesOnly birth country and immigration status
ItalyEuroTBNationalElectronic and postName, ID No., addressNRYesYesYes
The NetherlandsEuroTBNationalElectronicCodeNRYes, to local levelYesYes
New ZealandLab findings and/ or Clin DetsNationalElectronic and postCodeNRYesNoYes
NorwayEuroTBNationalPostName, ID No., addressMandatoryƒNoNoOnly birth country and year of arrival
SwedenEuroTBNationalElectronic and postName, DOB, addressNRYesNoOnly birth country and year of arrival
SwitzerlandEuroTBNationalElectronic and postName, DOB, addressNRNoNoOnly birth country and immigration status
UKEuroTBNationalElectronic, post and fax##Name, address¶¶NRYesYesOnly ethnicity and birth country
USALab findings and/ or Clin DetsCounty and/ or stateElectronicallyCodeNRYesYesYes
  • LTBI: latent TB infection; Lab: laboratory; Clin: clinical; Det: determinant; ID: identification; DOB: date of birth; NR: not required. #: from local to national level; : e.g. follow-up of sputum samples, culture results and adverse events; +: e.g. country of origin, marital status, occupation, homelessness, incarceration and nationality/country of origin of TB cases; §: only for children aged <15 yrs; ƒ: only if preventive treatment was started; ##: notifications in Scotland and Northern Ireland delivered by post alone; ¶¶: Scotland also requires ID No. of each case.