Table 2—

Blood pressure(BP), baroreflex sensitivity (BRS), urine normetanephrine and augmentation index before and after treatment

Subtherapeutic CPAPTherapeutic CPAPp-value#
Office mean BP mmHg109.3±11.7107.3±11.2104.2±12.6102.4±8.80.81
Office systolic BP mmHg141.6±17.4140.4±17.4135.8±16.0133.0±12.60.46
Office diastolic BP mmHg92.9±11.490.8±10.289.3±10.887.0±8.90.96
24-h mean BP mmHg105.1±10.9105.7±10.599.6±9.697.0±9.90.02
24-h systolic BP mmHg138.9±20.8139.5±19.2131.3±13.9128.5±14.00.07
24-h diastolic BP mmHg88.3±8.188.9±8.083.9±9.381.3±9.80.04
Wake mean BP mmHg107.9±10.9110.0±10.2103.2±9.2100.1±10.20.002
Wake systolic BP mmHg142.6±21.5145.4±20.0135.9±14.0133.1±14.60.02
Wake diastolic BP mmHg90.7±7.992.3±7.586.9±8.983.8±10.10.005
Sleep mean BP mmHg99.3±11.898.5±9.992.0±13.189.3±11.00.35
Sleep systolic BP mmHg131.1±21.3129.8±15.9121.5±17.0117.4±16.80.33
Sleep diastolic BP mmHg83.4±9.482.7±8.877.3±12.575.2±10.30.51
BRS+ ms·mmHg−16.8±4.06.6±4.27.1±3.38.8±4.20.001
Urine normetanephrine§ µmol·mol−1 creatinine158.6±64.8160.9±72.3179.7±80.1132.7±46.50.004
Augmentationƒ index %12.2±13.614.2±14.914.5±11.39.1±13.80.001
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. For both groups n = 51. CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure. #: calculated by two-way ANOVA for repeated measurements and compares treatment effects; : 24-h BP was measured in 33 patients in the therapeutic, and in 29 in the subtherapeutic group; +: baroreflex sensitivity was measured in 34 patients in the therapeutic, and in 43 in the subtherapeutic group; §: urine normetanephrine was measured in 51 patients in the therapeutic, and in 50 patients in the subtherapeutic group; ƒ: augmentation index was measured in 30 patients in the therapeutic, and 42 patients in the subtherapeutic group.