Table 3—

Aetiology of the 12 cases with multiple bacterial pathogens specified

Pathogen 1Pathogen 2
1Streptococcus pneumoniae#Haemophilus influenzae
2Streptococcus pneumoniae+Enterobacter spp
3Streptococcus pneumoniaeEschericia coli
4Streptococcus pneumoniae#, ¶Chlamydia pneumoniae
5Streptococcus pneumoniae#, +Chlamydia pneumoniae
6Haemophilus influenzaeChlamydia pneumoniae
7Haemophilus influenzaeLegionella pneumophila
8Haemophilus influenzaeStaphylococcus hominis#
9Mycoplasma pneumoniaeEschericia coli
10Chlamydia pneumoniaeStaphylococcus aureus
11Legionella pneumophilaCorynebacterium difteria#
12Legionella pneumophilaStreptococcus group B#
  • #: determined by blood culture; : determined by sputum; +: determined by urinary antigen test.