Table 1—

Patient characteristics

Subtherapeutic CPAPTherapeutic CPAPp-value
Patients n5151
Age yrs48.7±10.648.1±9.50.77
Weight kg111.3±22.0115.5±25.10.37
BMI kg·m−234.5±5.035.8±7.30.30
Neck circumference cm44.6±3.345.1±4.00.54
Waist/hip circumference ratio1.01±0.061.02±0.060.93
Current smokers %17.721.60.62
Ex-smokers %54.943.20.24
Hypertensive %25.521.60.64
Patients on antihypertensive therapy %25.521.60.64
Diabetics %
Patients with coronary artery disease %
Oxygen saturation dips >4% per hour of sleep42.7±21.641.9±25.40.87
ESS at baseline15.2±4.015.8±4.00.48
Osler test at baseline min17.3±13.118.1±13.10.75
CPAP compliance at study end h·night−13.9±2.54.7±2.10.08
Retitration CPAP pressure following study cmH2O10.1±1.610.0±1.90.72
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure; BMI: body mass index; ESS: Epworth Sleepiness Score; Osler: Oxford sleep resistance.