Table 2—

Estimation of decline in forced expiratory volume in one second(FEV1) among 322 subjects across four visits during a 1−yr follow-up from the Canadian Optimal trial

Subjects nMean FEV1 at visit 2#Change in FEV1 visits 1–2#Slope in FEV1 decline visits 1–4p-value
All subjects322111119.738.60.001
Stratification according to mean FEV1 at visit 2
 Highest 80% ≥740 mL264123811.850.30.0004
 Lowest 20%+ <740 mL5861050.61.70.93
  • #: in mL; : in mL·yr−1; +: typical subjects with an initial FEV1 value but values missing during follow-up.