Table 1—

Estimation of decline in forced expiratory volume in one second(FEV1) among 322 subjects across four visits during a 1−yr follow-up from the Canadian Optimal trial

Subjects nMean FEV1 at visit 1#Slope in FEV1 decline over all four visits mL·yr−1
All subjects322113138.60.001
Stratification according to FEV1 at visit 1
 Highest 82% ≥700 mL264124852.20.0002
 Lowest 18% <700 mL58600-40.70.020
 Highest 91% ≥630 mL293119044.10.0006
 Lowest 9% <630 mL29532-52.50.054
  • #: in mL; : typically excluded subjects with no data on FEV1 as in the TORCH study: 18% from the placebo group and 9% from the combination treatment group.