Table 2—

Clinical data of fatal asthma(FA), nonfatal asthma (NFA) and nonasthma control (NAC) subjects

Subjects (M/F) n35 (15/20)10 (5/5)22 (11/11)
Age yrs38 (26–50)24 (17–34)43 (26–58)
Smoking history n#
Age of disease onset yrs12 (3–24)3 (2–19)+
Duration of disease yrs24 (2–60)14 (2–27)+
Corticosteroid use %
 Oral or inhaled3720
Short-acting bronchodilator use %9780
Cause of death n
 Cardiovascular disease311
 Motor vehicle accident23
 Carbon monoxide poisoning21
 Liver disease2
 Drug overdose1
 Gastrointestinal bleeding1
  • Data are presented as median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. M: male; F: female. #: data not available for two patients in both FA and NFA groups; : n = 32; +: n = 6.