Table 4—

Previous classification system for asthma from Global Initiative for Asthma(GINA) 2002 7

Patient symptoms and lung functionCurrent treatment step
Step 1: intermittentStep 2: mild persistentStep 3: moderate persistent
Step 1: intermittent Symptoms less than once per week Brief exacerbations Nocturnal symptoms no more than twice per month Normal lung function between episodesIntermittentMild persistentModerate persistent
Step 2: mild persistent Symptoms more than once per week but less than once per day Nocturnal symptoms more than twice per month but less than once per week Normal lung function between episodesMild persistentModerate persistentSevere persistent
Step 3: moderate persistent Symptoms daily Exacerbations may affect activity and sleep Nocturnal symptoms at least once per week FEV1 >60 and <80% pred or PEF >60 and <80% of personal bestModerate persistentSevere persistentSevere persistent
Step 4: severe persistent Symptoms daily Frequent exacerbations Frequent nocturnal asthma symptoms FEV1 ≤60% pred or PEF ≤60% of personal bestSevere persistentSevere persistentSevere persistent
  • The patient's severity classification was increased (worsened) by one step for each increased step in treatment. Any change towards the right or towards the bottom of the table represented worsening severity. Treatments are as defined in 7. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; % pred: % predicted; PEF: peak expiratory flow.