Table 3—

Previous classification system for asthma severity, proposed by Cockcroft and Swystun 4, based on the minimum treatment with which asthma is well controlled

Asthma severitySymptomsTreatment requirements
Very mildMild/infrequent (synonym well controlled)None or rare β-agonist
MildWell controlledβ2-agonist (occasional) ± low-dose ICS
ModerateWell controlledModerate- to high-dose ICS ± occasional ingested corticosteroid
SevereWell controlledHigh- to very high-dose ICS ± ingested corticosteroid
Very severeNot well controlledVery high-dose ICS and ingested corticosteroid ± additional therapies
  • ICS: inhaled corticosteroids. Reproduced from 4, with permission from the publisher.