Table 1—

Clinical data and pleural fluid characteristics

Subjects n202222
Mean age yrs65±2065±1963±240.914
Males n15 (75)17 (77)19 (86)0.632
Patients with risk factors#6 (30)4 (18)8 (36)0.409
Symptom onset to treatment days12±613±814±140.849
Dyspnoea grade2.2±0.62.1±0.72.1±0.70.946
Fever >38.5°C5 (25)5 (23)6 (27)0.990
Pleuritis combined with PTB6 (30)7 (32)7 (32)0.990
Area of effusion shadowing+ %59.7±22.354.2±27.354.9±19.50.719
Pleural effusion
 Glucose mg·dL−1108±30106±40109±400.958
 LDH IU·dL−1429±247456±295581±8620.633
 Leukocyte count cells·μL−11748±16761937±19621710±12200.888
  • Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise indicated. PTB: pulmonary tuberculosis; LDH: lactate dehydrogenase. #: including alcoholism, diabetes mellitus, liver cirrhosis and subtotal gastrectomy; : I–IV, according to the New York Heart Association classification; +: on posteroanterior chest radiography.