Table 5—

Multivariate analysis of risk factors for 30-day mortality in community-acquired pneumonia patients

β (95% CI)p-value
Age <65/≥65 yrs1.84 (1.06–3.18)0.030
Comorbid condition
 Congestive heart failure1.85 (1.18–2.92)0.007
 Cerebrovascular disease1.84 (1.13–3.00)0.014
 Chronic liver disease4.10 (1.98–8.49)<0.001
Nursing home2.95 (1.80–4.83)<0.001
CURB score2.13 (1.69–2.69)<0.001
Change of antibiotic treatment
 Ineffectiveness1.74 (1.07–2.83)0.027
 Sequential therapy0.26 (0.10–0.62)0.003
Comorbid condition
 Chronic pulmonary disease0.756
 Chronic heart disease0.523
 Chronic kidney failure0.622
 Diabetes mellitus0.849
 Other neurological disorder0.062
Change of antibiotic treatment
  • CI: confidence interval; CURB: confusion, urea, respiratory frequency and blood pressure.