Table 3—

Comorbid conditions, residence status and treatment changes

Age groupp-value
<65 years≥65 years
Subjects n12981349
CURB score0.55±0.731.03±0.89<0.001
Comorbid condition
 Chronic pulmonary disease30.042.6<0.001
 Chronic heart disease12.847.2<0.001
 Congestive heart failure6.437.9<0.001
 Chronic liver disease3.93.30.46
 Chronic kidney failure2.913.3<0.001
 Cerebrovascular disease4.122.3<0.001
 Other neurological disorder6.610.10.001
 Diabetes mellitus8.328.1<0.001
Nursing home3.315.2<0.001
30-day mortality2.210.3<0.001
Change of antibiotic treatment
 Sequential therapy8.213.1<0.001
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or %, unless otherwise stated. CURB: confusion, urea, respiratory frequency and blood pressure.