Table 5—

Prevalence of wheezing and hay fever and association with high endotoxin exposure within five agricultural sectors

Subjects nGroup median endotoxin exposure EU·m−3WheezingHay fever
%OR (95% CI)%OR (95% CI)
Flower bulb workers1261807.12.13 (0.48–9.38)8.70.38 (0.09–1.59)
Animal feed workers11432015.81.78 (0.56–5.67)9.70.52 (0.14–1.95)
Onion workers97410016.51.95 (0.62–6.15)6.20.18 (0.02–1.62)
Vegetable seed workers3628011.12.67 (0.14–50.3)30.61.05 (0.12–9.18)
Farmers50422010.52.41 (1.08–5.39)10.50.52 (0.28–0.95)
  • Data are presented as the odds ratio (OR) for high (above group median) versus low (below group median) endotoxin exposure with 95% confidence interval (CI), unless otherwise stated. ORs were adjusted for age, smoking habits, sex and farm childhood. EU: endotoxin unit.