Table 2—

Probabilities of symptoms at the two first surveys in the five phenotypes

Subjects n9782584735
Wheeze ever0.240.26+§0.91ƒ0.79ƒ0.90ƒ0.91ƒ0.73§
Attacks in last 12 months#§0.69§
Attacks with shortness of breath#
Triggers of wheeze#
 Only colds0.§0.60§
 Also apart from colds0.§0.91ƒ0.39+0.46+0.28+0.13
Season with most frequent attacks#
Time of day with worse attacks#
Wakened by cough at night0.32+0.69§0.79ƒ0.190.82ƒ0.63§0.31+0.46+0.060.05
 Only with colds0.29+ƒ0.40+0.38+0.72§0.83ƒ0.65§0.67§
 Also apart from colds0.63§1.00ƒ1.00ƒ0.000.49+0.53§
  • Data are presented as probabilities. A: persistent cough; B: transient cough; C: atopic persistent wheeze; D: nonatopic persistent wheeze; E: transient viral wheeze. #: questions were asked only to those who reported wheeze ever in the respective survey. The residual category for these variables is “no” to wheeze ever. : residual category is “no cough”; +: 0.25–0.50; §: 0.50–0.75; ƒ: 0.75–1.00.