Table 4—

Distribution of demographic characteristics for the cross-sectional study of forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1)

High FEV1Low FEV1p-value
Subjects (M/F) n536 (354/182)538 (332/206)0.139
Age yrs46.24±0.3050.69±0.26<0.0001
Smoking history pack-yrs35.32±0.7745.16±0.81<0.0001
ΔFEV1·yr−1 % pred
Baseline FEV1 % pred
  • Data are presented as mean±se, unless otherwise stated. M: male; F: female; ΔFEV1·yr−1: change in FEV1 per year over a 5-yr period; % pred: % predicted.