Table 3—

Distribution of demographic characteristics for the longitudinal change study of forced expiratory volume in one second(FEV1)

Fast declinersNondeclinersp-value
Subjects (M/F) n281 (164/117)306 (204/102)0.038
Age yrs49.51±0.3847.61±0.390.0006
Smoking history pack-yrs42.86±1.1438.38±1.040.004
ΔFEV1·yr−1 % pred#-4.14±0.061.08±0.04<0.0001
Baseline FEV1 % pred#72.6±0.5375.7±0.46<0.0001
  • Data are presented as mean±se, unless otherwise stated. M: male; F: female; ΔFEV1·yr−1: change in FEV1 per year over a 5-yr period; % pred: % predicted. #: pre-bronchodilator.