Table 6—

Demographic characteristics between children with and without immunoglobulin(Ig)E measurements at age 6 yrs by study

Dog ownership at age 6
 Yes105/211 (50)216/446 (48)
 No1083/1977 (55)1739/3411 (51)
Parental history of asthma, eczema or hay fever
 Yes460/1272 (36)*766/2951 (26)*
 No655/1585(41)1179/2946 (40)
Parental education level#
 High554/1263 (44)*757/1957 (39)*
 Medium446/1191 (37)686/1930 (36)
 Low1827606 (30)517/2060 (35)
Environmental tobacco smoke at home up to age 6
 Yes396/1049 (38)*780/2021 (39)*
 No762/1378 (55)1080/2050 (53)
  • Data are presented as n/N (%), where n is the number of children who had IgE measurement at age 6 and N is the total number of children at age 6 yrs. LISA: Influences of Lifestyle Related Factors on the Human Immune System and Development of Allergies in Childhood; GINA: German Infant Nutritional Intervention Programme. #: categorised according to the German educational system as less than, equal to and more than grade 10 for high, medium and low, respectively; the highest education level from the parents was recorded. *: p<0.05 from the Chi-squared test.