Table 2—

Randomised controlled trials comparing an inhaled corticosteroid(ICS; alone) to placebo that include data on the rate ratio of exacerbation and previous use of ICSs prior to randomisation

First author [Ref.]ICSPlaceboRate ratio of exacerbationp-value
Subjects nWithdrawal %Subjects nWithdrawal %Prior ICS use %
Vestbo 18145251453500.960.736#
Burge 193724337053570.750.026
Szafranski 61983120544260.850.224
Calverley 203742936139520.810.003
Calverley 72574025641460.890.308
Calverley 1153438152444510.820.001
  • #: not reported in the paper; computed from a comparison of two Poisson counts.