Table 4—

Severe exacerbations

Control groupIntervention groupOdds ratio (95% CI); p-value#
Severe exacerbations
 Patients with event8 (11.4)10 (12.8)2.0 (0.75–5.7); 0.158
 Total events1615
Emergency room visits or hospitalisations
 Patients with event5 (10.4)1 (1.6)+
 Total events§71
  • Data are presented as n (%) or n, unless otherwise indicated. CI: confidence interval. #: study group comparison is shown as odds ratio (95% CI); p-value on odds ratio. : severe exacerbations were defined as requiring an oral steroid course, an emergency room visit or hospitalisation. +: the incidence rates of emergency room visits or hospitalisations were too low to compare statistically. §: days with events.