Table 4—

Coefficients for the computation of the interval of prediction of dependent variables for the entire population

TL,COMale82.261-0, 123-64.5560.0002617.6700.056
Female74.651-0, 118-60.1930.0002617.6700.056
TL,NOMale1995.364-2, 988-1565.9030.00637428.6001.364
Female1810.761-2, 856-1460.061-0.00637428.6001.364
Dm,coMale549.372-0, 823-431.1310.00175118.0040.376
Female498.546-0, 786-401.9900.00175118.0040.376
VcMale901.623-1, 350-707.5670.00288193.6670.617
Female818.209-1, 290-659.7420.00288193.6670.617
  • S: sex; C: constant; A: age; H: height; TL,CO: transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide; TL,NO: transfer factor of the lung for nitric oxide; Vc: capillary lung volume; Dm,co: diffusing capacity of the membrane for carbon monoxide.