Table 2—

Estimates of the regression equation parameters for dependent variables taking city into account

InterceptSex#HeightAge yrsCity+r2
TL,CO mL·min−1·mmHg−1-16.0134.82230.680-0.159-0.2252.6320.743
TL,NO mL·min−1·mmHg−1-77.23625.705146.731-0.869-0.63219.4040.750
Vc mL-44.71513.33489.474-0.432-0.8214.6980.681
Dm,CO mL·min−1·mmHg−1-39.20613.04874.483-0.441-0.3219.8500.750
  • TL,CO: transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide; TL,NO: transfer factor of the lung for nitric oxide; Vc: capillary lung volume; Dm,CO: diffusing capacity of the membrane for carbon monoxide. #: 0 female, 1 male; : in m; +: Grenoble×0, Bordeaux×1. 1 mmHg = 0.133 kPa.